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The origin of this inn dates back to before 1835.

Balzac, in "La Rabouilleuse", describes it very accurately. It was once run by a certain Cognet and his spouse. Mr. Cognet, was former groom at the local manor, aged around 55 and totally blind. His wife, widow of "Houssaye," former cook at the mansion, was 40 years old, a beautiful brunette, intelligent and discreet, known for her fine cuisine. They owe their notoriety not only to this but to their discretion regarding what went on at the inn.

Balzac, who frequented the inn between 1823-1830 and later, describes perfectly their helpfulness towards their customers at all times. Thus, regular customers came to refer to the hostel as "La Cognette". In the courtyard of the hotel was once a well where neighbours drew their water, hence the name of the street behind the inn: "la Rue du Puits à Cognet".

This XIXth century inn carries on the tradition of presenting local Berrichon dishes but with a more contemporary interpretation in the 4 hands of Alain Nonnet, Master Chef of France, and Jean-Jacques Daumy, Young Restaurateur of Europe.

With Nicole and Isabelle, their wives, they made of this restaurant a veritable institution in the county. Taste the cream of green lentils with truffles, the tournedos of lobster in fine gravy, the apple raviolis in apricot purée... and the cellar, it is outstanding!!

Prolong this gastronomical experience with a stay at the hotel with its 22 rooms, each unique, just 100 metres away at the corner of the street...

Diversity tourism Berry is impressive: one can spend several weeks in the area and see and do totally different things: Visit Issoudun, castles in the region, the Natural Park of the Brenne, make tours Sand and Balzac, go to cultural events in the region and why not sample the famous gastronomy Berry and wine.

Located in the heart of France, between the Loire Valley and the foothills of the Massif Central, Berry has remained a living countryside discreet charms. Its cultural wealth, beautiful stones and wild nature make it a green and unspoilt secret resources often surprising. This is especially the art of living which reads in its fertile soil and fertile and the pleasure of receiving that form the sincerity of a warm welcome. Finally a real reason for a change of pace and go in search of a new balance!