Alain Nonnet

Alain Nonnet, Maître cuisinier de France, Membre de l'Académie culinaire de France There are more than 40 years, in December 1965, Alain Nonnet, young chef of 23 years, trained at the Hotel School of Thonon-les-Bains, La Cognette redeemed, hostel Issoudun, a small industrial town and sub-prefecture Indre. "I had two tickets 100 F pocket, he recalls. I am indebted after seeing this restaurant. I am never left." It is true that this hostel had a great story: probably created during the Revolution, it acquires under the direction of the Widow Cognet a celebrity due to the frequent Balzac between 1823 and 1830, as he recalls in The Rabouilleuse. With his wife Nicole and an apprentice, he patiently rebuilt the case. In 1971, he bought the adjoining buildings, created in 1986, a 14-room hotel and 3 star while he invents his own kitchen. "I arrived at the right time, he recalls. The democratization and popularization of the kitchen under the leadership of Bocuse and others." In 1971, he received his first award, the Gold Pan, the first in a long series to the recognition of Master Chef of France in 1977, where he was National Vice-President. Member of the Academy Culinaire de France and the National Academy of kitchen GaultMillau will grant its first edition 11/20 (15/20 today), and Michelin star in its 1st 1979. "I ran after the second star, he regretted, but we missed it." Well hung for over 25 years, he has been the star 'vital', notably to overcome several crises in 1992 and especially in 1996. The peer support and community acquired him to overcome such accidents.