The origin of this inn dates back to before 1835.

Balzac, in "La Rabouilleuse", describes it very accurately. It was once run by a certain Cognet and his spouse. Mr. Cognet, was former groom at the local manor, aged around 55 and totally blind. His wife, widow of "Houssaye," former cook at the mansion, was 40 years old, a beautiful brunette, intelligent and discreet, known for her fine cuisine. They owe their notoriety not only to this but to their discretion regarding what went on at the inn.

Balzac, who frequented the inn between 1823-1830 and later, describes perfectly their helpfulness towards their customers at all times. Thus, regular customers came to refer to the hostel as "La Cognette". In the courtyard of the hotel was once a well where neighbours drew their water, hence the name of the street behind the inn:  "la Rue du Puits à Cognet".